Process of legalization is necessary for their submission on the territory of foreign countries.
There are two types of legalization: Apostil and consular legalization. Choice of legalization type depends on destination country to be submitted.

Apostil is stamp on official non-commercial documents issued by authorities and organizations of countries-participants of Hague Convention (signed on October 5, 1961). This convention was signed by more than 80 countries including Ukraine).

Apostil confirms power of official who signed the document, authenticity of his signature and seal on the document.
If country of destination is not a participant of this convention documents will need consular legalization.
It is necessary to notice that Department of Consular Service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine carries out legalization of only Ukrainian documents.

Legalization of documents issued by other countries shall be legalized in country of issuing.
Translation Agency “Slovo” provide services on Apostil stamping on documents from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Great Britain, Greece, USA and other countries.

There are mutual agreements between countries of CIS and West-Slavic countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia etc.) about mutual recognition of documents without legalization, only translation and notary certification are needed. 

For such countries as Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland it is necessary to have two stamps of Apostil on documents.

First Apostil is on document (original or its photocopy), after this it is necessary to make notary certification of translation and second apostil shall be on translation.

For Italy and Spain process of legalization includes Apostil in Ukrainian Ministries, translation by sworn translator of the Embassy and certification in the Embassy/consulate. And also we can help you in receiving of Permission on work or study in Italy.